We're JoonaPay

JoonaPay is a modern and innovative digital solution transforming payment management for UEMOA-based businesses in West Africa.

We are on a mission to streamline the transaction process in the CFA currency, enabling businesses to effortlessly send and receive payments using our comprehensive dashboard and API solutions.

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Who we're serving

Business targets

We primarily focus on serving SME’s in the region across all industries. The main Industry Verticals from Shipping Logistics, Construction to Telecommunications, etc - managing a monthly revenue of $100K+.

UEMOA specific

What these businesses have in common is being on the lookout for ways to modernize their CFA payment processes, manage transactions, and streamline operations. We also plan to assist businesses aiming to penetrate the UEMOA market.

Tools & features

By bridging the gap between merchants, consumers, and financial institutions, we are empowering businesses in the region to thrive in the digital age. Our platform's advanced features and capabilities promise to help overcome the challenges posed by the existing payment infrastructure, easing their transition into the local market.

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Problems faced by Merchants

Our journey started with identifying the obstacles impeding the growth of businesses in the region.


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Many merchants continue to rely on checks or cash for service payments, resulting in significant delays.


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Businesses seeking to expand into the UEMOA region face challenges due to the existing payment infrastructure, which also hinders transactions between local and international companies.


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Many merchants struggle to process high volumes of payments due to the manual handling of customer transactions.

What's in it for you

Discover the principles that drive us forward. Explore our unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusivity, sustainability, and customer-centricity, which guide us on our journey.

Competitive Rate
We are the cheapest payment solution on the market
Constant Reliability
We guarantee uptime transaction settlement
Various Integrations
We are committed to broaden our integration scope

A mission-driven FinTech

We see ourselves as more than a payment processing service provider. Our mission is to become the go-to payment solution in the region, supporting the local economy by providing businesses with the tools they need to flourish. 

Our vision for JoonaPay is ambitious yet grounded in reality. As we continue to grow and scale up, our goal is to extend our services beyond the UEMOA region and gradually cover the entire continent, opening African markets to the world. 

In the long run, we envision JoonaPay becoming a worldwide solution, fostering global economic growth. We firmly believe in the potential of Africa to stand tall alongside the World's main economic players.

The future is now

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JoonaPay is more than just a FinTech startup; we are a part of a global movement that is pushing for digitization and financial inclusivity.

Join us on this exciting journey!

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Our dedicated experts

"The customer onboarding process has never been smoother since we started using this platform. It's user-friendly for both our team and clients, leading to higher satisfaction rates."
Amanda Reed
"Since implementing Saswave, our team's productivity has soared. The intuitive interface and robust features have made project management a breeze. Highly recommended!"
Louis Ferguson
We were struggling to keep up with customer support demands until we integrated Saswave into our system. The automation and ticket management have revolutionized our customer service."
Dennis Barrett
"We were looking for a scalable solution, and this platform delivered. The cloud-based infrastructure has allowed us to expand effortlessly without compromising on performance."
Bryan Knight